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Double blind clinical trial Vs. placebo of a new sodium hyaluronate-based gingival gel
Pagnacco A., Vangelisti R., Erra C., Poma A., Attualità Terapeutica Internazionale, anno XV, 1997, 4: 1-7 [PDF]

Peri-implant maintenance of immediate function implants: a pilot study comparing hyaluronic acid and chlorhexidine
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Non surgical treatment of peri-implant pockets: An exploratory study comparing 0,2% clorhexidine and 0.8% hyaluronic acid
Nobre M, Carvalho R., Malo P., Can J Dent Hygiene, 6, 2009, 43, no.1: 25–30 [PDF]

A comparison in postoperative healing of sites receiving non-surgical debridement augment with and without a single application of hyaluronan 0,8%
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Local delivery of Hyaluronan as an Adjunct to Scaling and Root Planing in the Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis
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Hyaluronic acid and periodontitis
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Modern management of periodontal diseases Galgut P.N., Modern management of periodontal diseases
2005, Dental Asia, 38-44 [PDF]

Evaluation of the effect of 0,8% hyaluronic acid gel as coadjuvant to non-surgical periodontal therapy
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Hyaluronic acid: biological effect and clinical applications
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Evaluation of hyaluronan gel (Gengigel) as a topical applicant in the treatment of gingivitis
Nadiger Sapna et al, Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry (2011), 2, 162–170 [PDF]

Hyaluronan-Containing Mouthwash as an Adjunctive Plaque-Control Agent
Silvia Rodrigues et al, Oral Health Prev Dent 2010, 8: 389-394 [PDF]

Local application of hyaluronan gel in conjuction with periodontal surgery: a randomized controlled trial
Karim Fawzy et al, Clin Oral Investig. 2012 Aug;16(4):1229-36 [PDF]

Use of hyaluronan (Gengigel) in the treatment of gingivitis in orthodontic patients
Palak D Batavia, Journal of ICDRO 2016, Volume 8, Issue : 1, 44-50 [PDF]

The clinical application of hyaluronic acid in gingivitis therapy
Pistorius A., Rockmann P., Martin M., Willershausen B., Quintessence International 2005, 36:531-538 [PDF]


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Protective effect of zinc-hydroxyapatite toothpastes on enamel erosion: An in vitro study
Poggio, C., Gulino, C., Mirando, M., Colombo, M., Pietrocola, G. (2017) J Clin Exp Dent, 9(1):118-122. [PDF]

The effect of zinc-carbonate hydroxyapatite versus fluoride on enamel surfaces after interproximal reduction
Alessandri Bonetti, G., Pazzi, E., Zanarini, M., Marchionni, S., Checchi, L. (2014) Scanning, 36(3):356-61. [PDF]

Remineralization and repair of enamel surface by biomimetic Zn-carbonate hydroxyapatite containing toothpaste: a comparative in vivo study
Lelli, M., Putignano, A., Marchetti, M., Foltran, I., Mangani, F., Procaccini, M., Roveri, N., Orsini, G. (2014) Front Physiol, 5: 33 [PDF]

The role of different toothpastes on preventing dentin erosion: an SEM and AFM study
Poggio, C., Lombardini, M., Vigorelli, P., Colombo, M., Chiesa, M. (2014) Scanning, 36(3):301-10. [PDF]

Antibiofilm activity of zinc-carbonate hydroxyapatite nanocrystals against Streptococcus mutans and mitis group Streptococci
Palmieri, C., Magi, G., Orsini, G., Putignano, A., Facinelli, B. (2013). Current Microbiology, 67(6): 679-681. [PDF]

Enamel and dentine remineralization by nano-hydroxyapatite toothpastes
Tschoppe, P., Zandim, D., Martus, P., Kielbassa, A. (2011). J Dent;39(6):430-7 [PDF]

Antimicrobial efficacy of mouthwashes containing zinc-substituted nanohydroxyapatite and zinc L-pyrrolidone carboxylate on suture threads after surgical procedures
Cosola, S., Marconcini, S., Giammarinaro, E., Marchisio, O., Lelli, M., Roverid, N., Genovesi, A. (2017). Journal of Oral Science & Rehabilitation, 3(4):24–30 [PDF]

Efficacy of a mouthrinse based on hydroxyapatite to reduce initial bacterial colonisation in situ
Kensche, A., Holder, C., Basche, S., Tahan, N., Hannig, C., Hannig, M. (2017). Archives of Oral Biology, 80(8): 18-26 [PDF]

A double-blind randomized-controlled trial comparing the desensitizing efficacy of a new dentifrice containing carbonate/hydroxyapatite nanocrystals and a sodium fluoride/potassium nitrate dentifrice
Orsini, G., Procaccini, M., Manzoli, L., Giuliodori, F., Lorenzini, A., Putignano, A. (2010). J Clin Periodontol, 37: 510-17 [PDF]

Recent advancements in preventing teeth health hazard: the daily use of hydroxyapatite instead of fluoride
Roveri, N., Foresti, E., Lelli, M., Lesci, I. (2009). Recent Patents on Biomedical Engineering, 2: 197-215 [PDF]
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